Global Syn Turf Styles and Uses

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Our lifestyles are changing all the time. Every day we seem to have less time for household chores, especially in the garden. The problem is with global warming we can’t afford to be in the biting sun all day long, and it is becoming anti-social to run the garden sprinklers every day.
The answer is a water wise, low maintenance garden. The place to start is the expanse of lawn around the house. Distinctive Home Improvements has the answer in the form of Global Syn Turf. You will be pleased to know it is easy to maintain, and if anything, it looks better.

Global Syn Turf Is the Synthetic Turf That Lasts

The artificial turf industry has come a long way in the past twenty years. Back then, it was too expensive for even medium-size companies, although the bigger stadiums could still afford it. The other problem was the ‘leaves’ were stubby. One look, and everybody knew it was synthetic turf, and definitely not good enough for the garden yet.
Nowadays, affordable Global Syn Turf products come in eleven different leaf shapes, so they look natural all-year round. The range we have includes fresh-cut technology that smells just like the real thing, and pet grass for effective drainage and zero staining. The possibilities are endless. You need never have blank patches under trees, or where the kids play.

More Advantages to Switching to Artificial Turf Lawns

Well firstly, you are not going to have to face a mower that won’t start, or an edge trimmer that runs out of battery power when the sun is blazing overhead. With Global Syn Turf in your garden, you don’t have to water, edge, or mow. Imagine the savings in garden maintenance, equipment, fertilizer and water. Not to mention the extra time you have to do the things you really want to do again.
Synthetic turf looks like the real thing but is more robust. It is also environmentally green. Your water and energy bills are lower, and you are no longer pumping chemicals into the soil. Finally, you reduce your carbon footprint by not using electricity to maintain it.

Expert Tips for Keeping Your Global Syn Turf Looking Good

You can keep your artificial turf looking great for a fraction of the cost of a time-consuming lawn. Many of our clients find all they need to do, is lightly rinse it down once a week to remove dust and small debris. Once a month, you may need to rake or brush your synthetic turf to remove larger leaves, and more often in the fall. This is a great way to reinstate the upright position of the blades.

Distinctive Home Improvements is a Global Syn Turf appointed agent. We are specialists in laying and maintaining synthetic lawns. Artificial turf means you can have a beautiful lawn anywhere you want including in shady areas where you might have given up trying. Step onto a greener future.

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