5 Tips to Reduce Your Energy Bill

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Reducing energy use in your home saves money, and improves energy security across the grid. It can also reduce pollution emitted from existing non-renewable sources of energy, if we desire to make it happen.

Tip 1 – Appliances and Electronics

If your home appliances are more than eight years old, you are likely losing money. You can save on energy and costs at home by choosing energy-efficient appliances and electronics, and reducing the frequency with which you use them. Explore all the options in terms of reducing your electricity use, and lowering your bills. Here’s how:

  • Shop for new appliances
  • Review ageing kitchen appliances
  • Aim to reduce electricity use and costs
  • Install electric meters to monitor the usage
  • Revisit energy-sapping machines in your laundry
  • Review the energy consumption ratings on appliances
  • Research energy efficient computers and home office equipment

Tip 2 – Electric Space Cooling and Heating

There are several technologies on the market for cooling and heating your home. These systems incorporate supporting equipment such as timers, ducts and thermostats that open opportunities for energy and cost savings.

Do the research before purchasing energy-efficient systems, and then operate them according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Try to incorporate passive solar design concepts in your home. Remember to air seal and properly insulate your living space to maximize energy savings – otherwise, all your efforts may count for nothing!

Tip 3 – Solar Electric Systems / Small Wind Turbine Options

Consider a small PV (solar electric or photovoltaic) system, which should prove a reliable and pollution-free source of electricity for your home or office.
Some other great ideas to consider with energy cost saving in mind include:

Tip 4 – Opening the Door to Energy Efficiency

When it comes to reducing energy costs, door replacement should be top of the list. Click here to learn more about the QuadraTherm Ultimate Dual Pane Insulation System. These sliding patio doors are designed with energy cost savings in mind and are easy to operate. Built to enhance home attractiveness, dual panel pane systems offer maximum security, unlike conventional doors.

Tip 5 – New Windows

Anlin Window Systems is a top 100 manufacturer in the United States. These meet the needs of homes in moderate to hot climates, including southern California. Installing replacement windows provides a lifetime of worry-free service to homeowners striving for energy efficiency. Superior products at competitive pricing make your home more distinctive too.

Take the Plunge!

The ideas presented are but some of the ways of reducing the amount of energy you use. If you make upgrades one at a time, it will not take too long to make your home more energy-efficient. The added bonus is you will save money with more manageable energy bills.

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