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There is something magical about landscaping, even if you have no experience. The plotting and planning gets the creative juices flowing. We stop and visualize the transformation of a bland section of the garden into something beautiful for the eye to behold. Assuming novice status, is there anything that prevents us from the DIY option? The answer to that depends on how ambitious your landscaping project really is. This article looks at basic landscaping, including the use of synthetic turf, and we hope to prove that any of us can do it.


As with any task that needs undertaking, using a qualified professional to plan and landscape for you comes at a cost. What you are buying is their knowledge and experience in converting an Ugly Duckling into a Cinderella at the Ball. A good landscaper can add a dimension you never thought possible, but that is not to say you cannot build something fabulous yourself.

Landscaping 101: Decorative Florals

If you are at all like me, you probably won’t know an annual from a perennial, which means greening up your plant knowledge before you roll out your grand landscape design. Let’s take a closer look:

Annual Florals

These plants take just a season to complete their life cycle. We use annuals to add more than a dash of color to planters and flowerbeds, but remember that blooming plants tend to die back after flowering. Deadheading old blooms, helps stimulate plant to produce even more flowers. The popular annuals that our local garden centers punt cover a fabulous range of colors. They include zinnias, begonias, marigolds, petunias, pentas lanceolata and wandering nasturtiums – their seeds make tasty capers.

Perennial Florals

A quick search on Wiki informs us that, “a perennial plant or simply perennial is a plant that lives for more than two years. The term (per- + -ennial, “through the years”) is often used to differentiate a plant from shorter-lived annuals and biennials.” The hibiscus is one of the more popular perennial flowering shrubs, while many common fruit trees make it to the perennial fruit list too, apples apricots and grapes among them. Perennial herbs include just about everything we use in cooking, with garlic, ginger and lavender right in there.

Landscaping Startups and Themes

The quickest way to become frustrated with landscape gardening is taking on more than you can deliver. Small is relative, and starting with smaller projects means you will soon learn basic gardening techniques. These include weed and pest control, and the water needs of your grand project.

Garden paths lend themselves nicely for a landscaping theme. Imagine a meandering path that wanders in and out of tree-shaded resting spots. Picture the effect of a natural wooden bench serving as a stopping point on a garden walk. Perhaps you could add an inviting water feature on the opposite side of the path as a focal point. Plant some ferns around the pond to create even more tranquility.

Swimming pools, patios and the grill area are all ideal places waiting for the talented DIY landscaper to create some real magic. These areas are great places to build rockeries too. Remember to add solar-powered garden lights to open your handiwork for viewing day or night. Consider opening your landscaping theme to the whole family and involve them in the project – as the saying goes, many hands make light work!

Synthetic Turf in Landscaping?

Absolutely, and why not? It looks better (even greener!) than the real thing, and requires no maintenance other than the occasional use of a garden blower. Best of all, it does not need water. Synthetic turf is the stuff of legends when it comes to sports and the stadiums we like to frequent to support our favorite teams. Moreover, it is just as good for our landscaping 101 project.

One last word before signing off, include a budget for your landscaping project, and try to keep to it. No excuses then! Time to go about beautifying your chosen space in the garden in readiness for summer. Naturally, it will enhance your distinctive home too!

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