Choosing Materials for a Roof Replacement

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Roof replacement is one of the biggest investments investments you can make as a homeowner. Before you have a roofing contractor start working on your roof, it’s important to decide on the right material. The type of material you choose for your roof should be durable and complement the exterior design of your home. Let’s…

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Go Green! 10 Benefits of Synthetic Turf

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Synthetic turf is no longer just for the golf course! If you’re searching for new and creative ways to spruce up your landscaping, then consider using a turf that is both artificial and energy efficient. Still sitting on the fence? The various benefits of synthetic turf may help you make up your mind! Synthetic Turf…

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Conduct Your Own Energy Audit

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Do you feel your house is not as energy efficient as it could be? Is your water bill unusually high? A quick DIY energy audit can help you identify weaknesses in your home. Some are often missed, yet simple to fix. Once you’ve determined where the various leaks are located, step two is fixing them…

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The New Generation of Exterior Coatings

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If you’re getting ready to add some color to the drab exterior of your home, then you could do well from learning about the benefits of exterior coatings. You already know how important it is to be environment-friendly, from conserving energy to avoiding the use of certain toxic products. However, what do you know about…

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Anatomy and Features of Quality Dual Pane Windows

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Quality dual pane windows come with two panes of glass that are inserted into the frame and offer better insulation than single pane windows. Double pane windows are also affordable and aesthetically pleasing in any home. Let’s take a closer look at some of the wonderful features these windows have to offer. Lower Energy Bills…

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